Musical Theatre Club is open to

Coe students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade

You're Welcome!

Being a member of Coe's Musical Theatre Club requires hard work and dedication. Those who take on the challenge are rewarded with the opportunity to sparkle under the stage lights in front of a large audience near the end of the school year. Before registering your child for this program please talk with them about their desire to sing and dance afterschool. Although we take a quick snack break at the beginning of our meeting while we wait for our safety patrol to finish up their duty, we do expect a high level of focus from our participants.

Financial assistance is available - email

Full Year Program

Tuesdays 2:25 to 4:00

October 10th- May 28th

Tuition is $650 plus $50 materials fee

Volunteer Opportunities

We are building the show from scratch so we will need many hands for sewing costumes and crafting props.

contact to get involved!