Is the Coe Choir the right choice for my child?

This program is open to all Coe Cougars. Singing in a choir is a good way to find new friends and acquire new skills. We aim to build confidence and self-esteem in our singers while we help them develop good vocal techniques and work to expand their music appreciation by exploring a variety of genres. We will have parent volunteers and/or older students meet our kindergarten members in their classrooms and escort them to the Performing Arts room (208). We build in a supervised transition time, including a snack, at the beginning of each meeting. Capacity is 60 singers.

With the musical theatre club being a popular choice with our intermediate students, the majority of choir members tend to be in the primary grades, but we welcome students of all ages and attempt to provide leadership and growth opportunities for our older singers.

Financial assistance is available - email

Session 1

$180 Thursdays 

2:25 to 3:30

October 12th- December 14th

Session 2

$400 Thursdays 

2:25 to 3:30

January 4th – May 30th